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The creator behind the madness and coffee aficionado, Erin Florence is the proud Owner & Head Photographer of EFS. An expert in her field with over 10 years behind the lens, Erin has dedicated herself toward creating images and styles that embody her passion for creativity.

Furthering her understanding of the best techniques to evolve her work, she has been named a photo manipulation expert and continues to create breathtaking and innovative imagery.

In Erin’s free time, she loves cuddling up with her husband, Cory, and Ziggy Stardust, the cat, while watching movies and munching on her favorite Apple Pie. Coffee & Octopi are her spirit animals!



Whether he is working on home restoration or acting as a second photographer, Cory is the man to have as your support. With training from one of the top photographers in the nation, he is rapidly developing a wealth of experience in creating lasting impressions.

In Cory’s free time, you can find him fiercely studying for his Bachelor’s Degree or invested in the quirkiest of video games.

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From East to West, Erin Florence has captured breath-taking images across the country. She began her journey of photography as a young adult in Central Kentucky, where she started off with a simple point-and-shoot camera. When her mother and father saw the immense potential behind her work, they bought their daughter her first DSLR camera. Soon after, she found herself based in Los Angeles for roughly four years. During this time, she got to work with some of the biggest names in Fashion and Creative work. Homesick, she made her way back to Northern Kentucky, where she shares her home with her husband, Cory, and Ziggy Stardust the cat. She continues to work tirelessly on improving her skills as an artist to ensure her clientele the absolute best quality she can provide.

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Photography is more to us than a click of a button. It is the power to freeze a moment forever. We want to help our clientele create specific moments that capture and convey the perfect story; a moment that stands out from the rest. With a focus on Commercial & High-End Fashion, Erin Florence Studios looks towards a future of building relationships with top companies and designers on a global level. We want to create such a powerful image that could change the industry.

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