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Glimpse into Composite Photography

What is the exhilarant all artists thrive upon when seeking inspiration? Perhaps “fame”, “expression”, “influence” are tough contenders, but these build merely the kindling of the artist’s process. The primary combustion rests solely on visualization. In other words, the ability to see beyond what is and find what could be. Woah. Getting a little philosophical here! 😉 Take a look at the image below. What do you see? Perhaps a fair woman dressed straight from a Fairy-Tale, hastily fleeing a near castle. Of course, you’d be 100% correct! However, you’d be lacking the other side of the penny. What about […]

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Three People to Dinner, Who & Why?

Welcome to Social Distancing, week 1! If anything, this quarantine period has allowed me a lot of time to think. No, silly, not about how to solve the world’s crises. You may be qualified for that, but I know my limitations!! I am doing my part by following directions from our Health Officials to #stopthespread. The time I have used to think and reflect has been dedicated to the Greats, both past and present, who have inspired me to become the artist I am today. It has also given me time to realize how badly I want to socialize…  Unless […]

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When I was a young girl, my parents bought me a series of encyclopedias about outer space.  I remember sitting there in that old farmhouse, tucked in beneath my quilted bedspread, listening as my mother read to me about planets and comets and all the stars that were so very far away.  I doubt I will ever go to space like I wanted all those years ago, but sometimes I find these tiny, alien worlds here on our own planet. 

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Five Things I, a Photographer, Learned Modeling Boudoir for the First Time

So I decided to cross into the exciting, sensual world of boudoir photography. After years of fashion and conceptual work, this seemed like just the spice I needed. Making women (and men) feel their most confident and powerful has always been my artistic mission, and this style sure does focus on both of those qualities pretty well!   There’s just one problem. I had never participated in a boudoir shoot as a model. Sure, I’ve acted in the role of photographer many times, but I’ve always gotten to wear all my clothes and I certainly never had to worry about looking sexy for the camera!   So here I am, asking women to pose sensually and telling them exactly where […]

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Erin was an absolute joy to work with. She’s very professional and has a lovely personality that always puts me at ease. The images she produces are amazing and unlike any other photographer I have worked with. You won’t be disappointed working with her!

I hired Erin to take personal photos I could use for professional use. I’m usually nervous to have my picture taken but Erin was great at getting me to relax and feel confident, even giving me advice on wardrobe. The photos I received were exactly what I wanted!

As if her talent and creativity weren’t enough, Erin has the unique ability to make you feel completely at ease during your photo session, regardless of how comfortable you may normally be in front of a camera.  Erin is able to immortalize that special inner essence that makes you “You.”